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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travel Fun!

I want to share my love of travel with family and friends.

My love for travel began early in childhood. Even though I suffered badly from car sickness, I still looked forward to the new places I would see and the things I would soon experience when my parents mentioned we were "going for a drive". Those drives were anything from just a few hours long to weeks away on "church safaris" which would last a few weeks. Growing up in Melbourne meant that those adventures began in Victoria, then extended to NSW, Qld, SA and eventually Central Australia. I guess my love for travel has stemmed from my yearning to learn new things. My most memorable holiday was going to Ayers Rock (and climbing it), as a teenager. The excitement of flying in an aeroplane for the first time, seeing the underground caves in Cooper Pedy, the waterfalls at the base of the rock and sharing it all with my school friens was fantastic!

The excitement of travel is more than just going somewhere different. To me, it's as much about the planning, getting to the place and experiencing it and then meeting the people who live there, and along the way! I want to share these experiences with you, hence my blog "Planning, Places, People, Pleasure"!